Surzayon Ghosh

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Academy of Art University

Masters in Fine Art, Photography

  • Student Representative for the master's photography department. 
  • President's Honor List
  • Current GPA : 3.9/4

August'15 — Present

Heriot Watt University

  • Bachelor in Business Administration, Management and Operations
  • GPA : 3/5

March'10 — November'13

Photography Experiences

Indrani Pal Chaudhuri

(Full Time) Assistant Photographer - Intern

  • Worked on a script.
  • Working in line with the script supervisor. 
  • Helped handle production logistics. 
  • Script shot listing.
  • Digital asset management of video files. 
  • Working closely with the production team to be able to deliver work efficiently and on time.
  • Conducting research.

December'17 — February'18

Nagraj Kesaram

(Part Time) Assistant Photographer - Intern

  • Working with clients to discuss the images they require and how they want to use them.
  • Seeking out appropriate photographic subjects and opportunities.
  • Carrying out research and preparation for a shoot.
  • Working in different locations and in different circumstances to get the right image.
  • arranging still life objects, products, scenes, props and backgrounds;
  • liaising with other professionals, including graphic designers, writers, gallery managers, picture 
  • understanding traditional film and digital photography and keeping up to date with industry trends, developments and new techniques.

January'14 — December'15

Non Photography Experiences

H Collective

Database Curator

  • Helped with the database management
  • Curating and moderating accounts for branded content
  • Creative recruitment of one of the finest creatives on the planet 

April'18 - December'18

Dilip Vengsarkar Cricket Academy 

Social Media Content Manager

  • Was working primarily on boosting the online presence through Facebook 
  • Understanding ad based demographics 
  • Generating targeted leads for the client and getting more in person results from online marking. 
  • Social media was used to help leverage this brand and to help spread the word across. 

November'13 — August'14

Reltime RTC Tech

Social Media Engagement & Brand Building Support

  • Handle User data 
  • Attending business seminars 
  • Opportunity to work with a surging young team.
  • Brand building & social brand management.
  • Brand design
  • Delivering under set deadlines
  • Online Marketing.
  • Working on a robust environment.

June'13 — July'15

Precise LLC

(Full Time) Social Media marketing Intern 

  •  Working in a group 
  • An in-dept research of social media and using marketing tools.
  • Increasing web presence by spreading the word through facebook and twitter 

July'12 — September'12

Technical Skills & Qualificatioins

  • Capture One Pro 11 
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom 
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Mac OS
  • Well versed with Retouching
  • Advanced Black & White Processing & Printing - Digital·   
  • Quadtone Rip Printing – EPSON Digital·       
  • Piezography Printing (7 Shades of Black) – EPSON Digital
  • Adept with Medium Format cameras like Phase IQ140 etc.
  • Adept with using Profoto & Broncolor lighting equipments.  
  • Adept with studio equipment
  • Adept with tethered shooting using either Lightroom or Capture One Pro 11
  • Can work with 4x5 view camera
  • Can do video as well as basic video editing.

Exhibitions & Shows

Academy of Art University - Spring Show, San Francisco, USA – May '19

Academy of Art University School of Advertising Spring Show, San Francisco, USA - May'19

Academy of Art University - Spring Show, San Francisco, USA – May '18

Academy of Art University - Solo Show, Natya Shastra, San Francisco, USA – December '18 

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