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Surzayon Ghosh is an award winning fashion photographer. He is currently a president's honor list student at the Academy of Arts University, pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts degree in photography. He is currently based in San Francisco.

He believes that models are more than a statue - they are humans. For Surzayon a work is only produced as a culmination of strong teamwork and a creative narrative.

A man of few words, Surzayon utilizes his camera to tell stories through fashion it's about raw emotions, expressions and a means of communication.

Contact me --> sg@s.pictures



Assisted Projects

Visa, Orbit Coffee & Donuts,  Gigster, Intermedia , Levi's


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Alpha Fashion Magazine Men’s Issue 2018 - Tearsheet

Volant Magazine - October'18  Issue  

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2019- PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris , Bronze / Press, Fashion

2019 - IPA Honarable Mentions

2019 - Istanbul Film Festival -Nominations , best student film,


H Collective - 22 of the Most Experienced Studio Photographers in San Francisco.


Academy of Art University - Spring Show, San Francisco, USA – May '19

Academy of Art University - Solo Show, Natya Shastra, San Francisco, USA – December '18

Academy of Art University - Spring Show, San Francisco, USA – May '18


UnKnown 95 - Academy of Art School of Advertising, Spring Show'19


Indrani Pal Chaudhuri

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